Sometimes You Just Have To Step Aside

Even the best laid plans can get sidetracked. I always try to plan for the unseen, and have alternatives available in case of technical problems of one sort or another. Today another type of interruption presented itself in spite of all my planning…

KI5OMM Weather Station

I opened my Stevenson screen instrument shelter to find a very finely crafted bird nest resting in one corner! It seems that a Wren has decided to make my shelter a perfect place in which to raise her little family. She’s a smart bird because if you think about it, that would make a perfect spot to raise baby birds. Good airflow thanks to the louvers in the sides and top, and protection from rain and the elements too.  She can easily fly in and out thanks to the 2″ air gap under the roof eaves. My only real concern are the chicken snakes which are plentiful around here and they can be ruthless predators. I’ll have to keep a close watch to hopefully keep that from happening.

I am a real softy when it comes to nature and animals, so I will certainly try to work around this temporary interruption, and so far the station equipment is working well without any problems from the new neighbors….

Hmmm… a bird nest webcam would be cool to try!

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