Sometimes You Just Have To Step Aside

Even the best laid plans can get sidetracked. I always try to plan for the unseen, and have alternatives available in case of technical problems of one sort or another. Today another type of interruption presented itself in spite of all my planning… Continue reading

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Power Failure Today

Today we had some fairly significant thunderstorms in this area and of course the grid power went off for a few hours. My UPS unit kicked into gear and was holding the station equipment steady, but not for long.

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KI5OMM Live Weather Webcam – Details and installation

KI5OMM webcam

The live weather webcam installed at my station is a popular feature. Folks enjoy seeing a live time-lapse view of the weather. Some folks just like watching the cows graze in the pasture! Regardless of the interest, the station webcam is an important feature of the weather station and I receive a lot of questions about the installation, camera used, etc. This post will show you the behind the scene details….

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Cotton Region Shelter – Stevenson Screen. Build Your Own.

stevenson screen cotton region shelter

It has been standard practice since the 1800’s to take temperature readings in the shade. The reason is that direct UV radiation from direct sunlight can skew the temperature reading by a large margin and create false data. The original Stevenson screen was designed in the U.K. in the 1800’s to eliminate errors in temperature readings by standardizing the direct environment around the thermometer, regardless of it’s location. Since these shelters are very expensive to purchase, I decided to build my own shelter using established guidelines. Here’s how I built it… Continue reading

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